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Dr. Sanjiv Kumar
Director IIHMR
Vice Chair
R Narendhar
T S Padmapriya
Chief Executive Sanitation First UK, India
Shoba John
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Brief Intro
Think Foundation
Think foundation works as a bridge between the needy and the donor by performing the camps such as blood donation, platelet donation and thalassamiea minor, major medical assistance. Think Foundation organises voluntary blood donation, usage of blood and networking between blood banks. Hence, serving the affected through their activities
Multiple Sclerosis Society India
SAMAG works for the cause of “Ataxia” and “Muscular Dystrophies”- a set of Neuro Muscular degenerative disorders resulting in body imbalance and heart problems which gradually worsens until the victim becomes totally incapacitated.
People for Better treatment India
PBT india works for creating an awareness and fight along with the individual against the corrupted healthcare practices. In addition, PBT india helps the nation's individual by educating and provide needful information reagrding the health issues and diseases by improving the legislative, regulatory and legal framework.
Indian Patients Society for Primary Immunodeficiency Syndrome
ISIPD acts as a floor to identify the primary immune disorders in an individual and educating the families to attain mental, physical, psychological and social health. ISPID acts as a regulatory body for the members enrolled to follow the rules and treat the patients according to the laws framed and the members are permitted to attend the cconferences and lectures as a part of their R&D activities
Indian Organization for Rare Diseases
ORDI works as a platform to identify, diagnose and treat the rare diseases easily by creating rare diseases patients helpline and helpdesk. ORDI also maintains public website and patient portal and awareness campaign. ORDI also organises no cost clinic for patients with rare diseases.
National Thalassemia Welfare Society
National Thalassemia welfare society works on the patient welfare since 1991 by interacting and working together with all thalassemia societies under a common paltform across the nation creating FIT(Federation of Indian Thalassemics) where they can mutually interact and work together to fight against thalassemia. Also, they acts as a platform for finding sponsors for the affected child / individual.
Alzheimer’s and Related Disorders Society of India
ARDSI works on creating awareness and provides understanding about Alzheimer's and realted disorders in the nation by developing services like Daycare, home care, setting up memory clinic. Adding up the services ARDSI conducts training programme for the family members, doctors, nurses and the social workers.
Our work

NCD Alliance is conducting an online consultation of people living with NCDs to gather experiences and priorities of people living with NCDs to help inform and support our advocacy work on Universal Health Coverage and efforts towards the UN HLM on UHC led by the Civil Society Engagement Mechanism (CSEM) part of UHC2030.


The online consultation survey is available in three languages and takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. It will be open until the Friday 29th March 2019.  We would be grateful if you could help us promote this online consultation among your networks of people living with NCDs. 


·       You can access the English version here



The Indian Alliance of Patients Groups (IAPG) is a cross-disease alliance that represents patient organizations, working to support the cause of patients and highlighting their needs. It draws attention to chronic diseases as well as rare and neglected diseases; and focuses on bringing patient voices to the centre of the conversation. IAPG has its secretariat in Dakshayani and Amaravati Health and Education and works through an advisory board constituted by experts and members from various fields. 

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