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Asia Pacific Patients Congress

Asia-Pacific Patients Congress is the regional event which brings together the objectives of the Global Patients to the Asia-Pacific region. The Congress aims to bring together patient experts and health stakeholders including researchers, nurses, health financiers, regulators, health service providers and pharmaceutical industry representatives to map out how we can all harmonise and align our agendas with national health policies and plans on Universal Health Coverage in the region.

UHC Day Webinar

Join us for a webinar on UHC Day Dialogue on Integrating NCD’s into UHC interventions in the COVID-19 era. Organized by DakshamA Health- a member of HIA in partnership with IAPO, PAIR and Hriday.

The key objectives of the webinar are :

  • To understand the level of NCD prioritisation in the 
    national UHC policy and programme.

  • To identify opportunities for aligning to global UHC discussions for strengthening NCD narrative within the country context.

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